Gakuen Alice Chapter 028 jp

Title- Gentle Mr. Bear


Volume 05

Previous Chapter → 027

Next Chapter → 029 and Volume 06


Mikan goes for a walk after getting the lowest grade on her semester tests. That is when she encounters a group of living stuffed animals carrying a bucket of water to give to their master for his medication. She helps them and meets Kaname Sonō, who happens to be Tsubasa's friend he was speaking of. Kaname and Mikan visit the Special Ability class to surprise everyone that Kaname was temporarily released from the hospital. His alice is revealed to be the alice that brings stuffed animals to life, meaning he is Mr. Bear's creator. The group go visit Bear at his cabin and Kaname and Bear are happy to see each other. When Kaname learns about Bear bullying Mikan and her friends he asks Bear to apologize, though it is unconvincing. He then talks about Bear's history of him being his first stuffed animal brought to life, so he is unable to speak, yet unlike his others was unable to find a home. A group high school girls arrive at the cabin saying their stuffed animals left a note saying they were going to see Kaname, so they assumed he would be here and he turns out to be a natural lady killer, because he convinced them to fix Bear's cabin up. Mikan questions Tsubasa about Kaname being in the hospital, which he replies that Kaname is a limitless alice shape, meaning his life shortens from using his alice. The next day Kaname is sick again. Tsubasa visits Kaname in his dorm room where they find flowers at the windowsill. Somewhere else Mikan is chosen to find out about the rumors of a ghost. With Hotaru she witnesses that Bear is the "ghost" who is leaving flowers at Kanaes's windowsill. Kaname catches Bear in the act and talks about himself going back to the hospital and his worry that Bear has no friend, other then Kaname. Meanwhile Natsume is seen sick trying to take medicine. Mikan is asked by Kaname if she would like a stuffed animal. but she says she has Bear.



  • Gakuen Alice High School uniforms modeled by Shizune.

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