Gakuen Alice Chapter 027 jp
Title- Must Work Hard!


Volume 05

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Now is the time for semester tests and the person with the highest score is candidate for the Best Student award, allowing them to spend a week at home. Mikan not being the smartest person is frustrated from the tests, but works hard studying to gain the award to be able to see her grandfather. Mikan forms a study group with Inchou and Ruka and her classmates laugh at her stupidity, except Natsume, whose eyes says it all, but Mikan then remembers the words he said to her, saying she shouldn't complain on what he calls her anymore and a girl like her should stay out of the darkness. Ruka tells that he doesn't wish to go home, so he doesn't care for the tests. Mikan can't find help from her classmates asks help from her Special Ability Class. She is helped by Noda, but as a time traveler his teaching isn't helpful. Tsubasa gives Mikan a tip that she should focus on her teacher's preferences for tests. After awhile Mikan's studying encourages her classmates to study and even Natsume tutors ones who don't understand. Its test day andthe first test is is Narumi's who's test is about writing a love letter to him. The next test is Misaki and his plan for not cheating involves cacti punishing the cheater. The test afterward is a Jinno and Serina team up. Fubuki tests is a cooking tests and a fire reveals his Hair Alice. The final test is Makihara, but a suspious teacher with many alice restraints named Serio substitutes him, who Natsume is easily able to come to the conclusion that this is Persona. Natsume confronts Persona who says he was ordered to check on the little kitten Natsume is fond of that caused his eyes to change.



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