Gakuen Alice Chapter 025 jp

Title- Turning Points


Volume 05

Previous Chapter → 024

Next Chapter → 026


Narumi is seen with an envelope, which he puts in his pocket. Meanwhile the elementary division students are watching a parade from the rooftops. Hotaru uses her flying swan to get closer to the parade by herself. Iincho was asked where he has been, and said that he was helping Technical Class with their music festival. Mikan is told about the closing ceremony where a King, Queen, and Rookie are chosen and they gets special benefits at the after party. The bell rings and the elementary students have to leave, but out of nowhere a hole appears and out comes Nodacchi who is back from his time travel trip. He and Mikan return to the special ability classroom where Nodacchi is welcomed by his students (though they get a little excited and start beating him up). Nodacchi then tells Narumi that he saw 'Her' in a blizzard with a newborn baby calling it 'Mikan'. The two come to the conclusion that Mikan will not walk an easy path. The closing ceremony has started and the special ability class are wondering were Nodacchi is. Tsubasa explains to Mikan the three headmasters and that the kid is the most suspicious. The announcing of the winners start, the winning class is the Technical Class, the king is a senior who created a hair growing laser (Harry Hageta), there is no queen award, and the rookie award goes to Hotaru Imai. Another award is announced the special award and is given to the special ability class RPG (role playing game). Nodacchi and Narumi talk that Mikan can walk the path sent to her and gives Mikan a letter from her grandfather.



New Characters

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments

  • Nodacchi comes back from his trip.
  • Hotaru Imai wins the 'Rookie Award'.
  • Special Ability Class wins the 'Special Award'.
  • Mikan is given a letter from her grandfather from Narumi.
    Letter from ojii-chan


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