Title - Sleeping Snow White in the Woods
Gakuen Alice Chapter 024 jp

Volume 05

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The first act of the play is about start. Mikan is nervous dressed as the prince with her hair down and asks for Ruka's opinion. He reacts by blushing and misses his chance to say she's cute, commenting on her hair being down. She asks Hotaru who says she looks cute. The play starts with pheromone singers singing the introduction. Sumire portrays Sleeping Beauty as a lazy and mean person and acts this way, because Narumi convinced her that she would be a better actress this way. Sleeping Beauty being rejected by the prince(Mikan) devisees a plan to break up Snow White(Ruka) with the prince. In the next scene Snow White is singing with animals and the animals in the audience even come on stage. Meanwhile Sleeping Beauty is told that she is not the fairest of all, thus coming to the conclusion to kill Snow White. Narumi who is changing the script is the huntsman is sent to kill Snow White. He asks for a kiss and has animals attack him. Snow White escapes to group of elves home. Natsume the wildcat says his one line Meow which has an awkward effect. Snow White is put to into a sleep from a poison apple from Sleeping Beauty. The prince must then kiss Snow White, but a change has Mikan having to kiss Ruka on the lips. Natsume stops the kiss by throwing an eraser at Mikan and Hotaru puts the lights out ending play.



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