Gakuen Alice Chapter 023 jp

Title- Raise the Curtains Up: Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty


Volume 05

Previous Chapter → 022 and Volume 04

Next Chapter → 024


Its the day of the Somatic's The Sleeping Snow White in the Woods play; which is a combination of the fairy tales Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Ruka who is playing Snow White doesn't want any of his friends to go to the play. In the dressing room Ruka is getting for his role. His friends ignoring his plead to not come show up backstage, remarking on how he looks cute in his Snow White costume, much to his embarrassment. Narumi explains a big problem with a cast member Yuri a female playing the prince who refuses to take the part, because of her dislike for her Female Pheromone Alice. Before the play a accident involving slime balls has many of the cast members stuck with slime for a hour so they are unable to take part in the play. Natsume is cast as a wildcat when he becomes stuck hand to hand with a gradeschooler. While everyone is fearful of laughing at Natsume's outfit Mikan laughs out loud and calls him cute, causing him to flick at her head. To get back at her Natsume suggests Mikan who is still his slave to be the prince. Yuri then persuades Mikan along with her admirers and in the end Mikan gets fitted for her costume. Ruka seeing Mikan nervous tells her not to worry and that everyone will work hard together.



  • Misaki has a side story about him taking care of a flower, but unknowing using his Plant Manipulation Alice to give it legs, he then questions who plucked the flower.
  • High school Uniforms revealed with the President and Vice President modeling them.

New Characters

  • Yuri Miyazono- Originally was playing the prince in the Somatic's play.

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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