Gakuen Alice Chapter 022 jp

Title- Hotaru's Secret


Volume 04

Previous Chapter → 021

Next Chapter → 023 and Volume 05


Mikan, Inchou, and Hotaru are spending free time together at the festival, yet Hotaru seems to be unhappy for some reason. While getting something to eat they come across a ferris wheel accident. The vice president takes control of the situation and applies his Heal alice on the injured. He continues by using his Pain alice on the one in charge of the ride, so such an accident wouldn't occur again. The vice president, Subaru Imai sees Hotaru and they turn out to be siblings. Hotaru and Subaru leave to speak to each other in private, though Mikan and everyone else eavesdropped on their conversation. This is the first time the siblings have meet and Subaru only knew about her from their parent's letters. Hotaru's question Subaru why with his position as vice president didn't he request to visit their parents or write any letters. He answers that it wasn't necessary and departs telling her that he is happy that she is also an alice. Hotaru turns her attention to Mikan and Inchou saying that she too will become like Subaru. Mikan yells at her that she won't become like Subaru. Hotaru imagines her parents being hurt from leaving Subaru at the academy and saying that they will teach her all the important things they didn't teach Subaru. Hotaru then says that because of her friends she won't become like that.



New Characters

New Alices

  • Subaru Imai- Heal Alice, Pain Alice
  • Unnamed Background Character- Response Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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