Gakuen Alice Chapter 021 jp

Title- Iinchou's Haunted Mansion


Volume 04

Previous Chapter → 020

Next Chapter → 022


Mikan, Ruka, and Natsume visit the latent classes' haunted mansion, because Mikan promised Iinchou she would try it out. They are taken to the Latent ability classes' booth by using a teleportation port. Fascinated by the attractions Mikan is side-tracked. Natsume regains her attention to their objective and they arrive at the haunted mansion. Mikan is easily is scared by every trick, while Natsume and Ruka are unfazed by it. A terrifying ghost wall frightens Mikan so much that she faints. Ruka's rabbit jumps out of his arms and runa away, causing him to run after the runaway rabbit. Meanwhile the Inchou is weak from using his alice to scare people with, something he doesn't like to do. The lights go out at the haunted mansion, because of linchou accidentally breaking the power controls. Natsume and Mikan now are trapped together in a small room. Natsume hurts his ankle when he tries to climb up the wall to find a way to escape. When Mikan awakens, she is even more scared at the thought of being trapped in a dark room. Mikan clings to Natsume who doesn't brush her off, but did reject her request to hold his hand. After seeing his hurt ankle and that he kept quiet about it to keep Mikan from worrying, she gives a apology about yelling at him for ruining Anna's cake. But Natsume pretends to not know what she's talking about. After this there is awkward silence between the two. During the quietness, Mikan thinks about Natsume and what kind of person he is. She realizes that she doesn't hate him anymore and wants to see him smile or laught. She breaks this silence with a joke, but Natsume is unamused and calls her Polka Dots. Mikan retaliates by calling him a Nasty fox ,and in turn, Natsume flips her skirt, calling her Strawberry Fields. This starts a fight and when they are saved, Mikan and Natsume are found in a compromising position. (Mikan is on top of Natsume). Mikan tries to explain, but natsume says that just because no one was around doesn't mean nothing happened, which infuriates Mikan. But while she gets mad, she said that she heard Natsume faintly laughing, but was too mad to care.



New Characters

New Alices

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