Gakuen Alice Chapter 020 jp

Title- Slave Days


Volume 04

Previous Chapter → 019

Next Chapter → 021


Mikan, Natsume and Ruka go to the technical booth, since Mikan made a promise. While there Mikan is excited by the technical classes' booth, which annoys Natsume into feeding her Buh-gawk Biscuit to keep her quiet. They come across a shop run by Hotaru who is showing off her new invention to potential buyers. Mikan is amazed by Hotaru and the technical types seeing that their alice gives them a clear path on what they would want do in the future. She is unsure of what do in the future, thinking of only to become a great alice and see her grandfather. Sumire has chosen to be a police officer and Natsume's and Ruka's wife. On the other hand Ruka is embarrassedly refuses to answer and his reveal to be a triple star announce that he didn't receive it from talent with his alice like others. In Anna's cake shop they are served one of Anna's cake, but Natsume spills tea over it and ruins it, thus angering Mikan. Miruku tells the group that Natsume had a reason to ruin the cake, since the cake would of gave the person eating it stomachaches. Mikan is still furious about Natsume's actions towards Anna. In Natsume's defense Ruka says to Mikan that Natsume is kind and always thinks about his friends. Mikan finds a relation to Ruka's friendship with Natsume and hers with Hotaru,also adding Ruka and her are alike. Ruka tells her a dream of wanting to be a vet and live in a place alongside animals without anyone bothering them. Mikan then replies to Ruka that she believes his dream will come true.



New Characters

  • Miruku- Anna's sempai who also works at the cake shop

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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