Gakuen Alice Chapter 019 jp

Title- Natsume's RPG Challenges


Volume 04

Previous Chapter → 018

Next Chapter → 020


Natsume finds Ruka and he and Koko start pulling on his rabbit ears. Sumire is happy about Natsume being here. She was thinking he came for her, but he dodges her hug. Mikan comes from over the wall of the RPG and strides to Natsume who asks what she is wearing. He follows with pulling at her shirt questioning her flat chest which infuriates Mikan. She then clings to Tsubasa for comfort causing Natsume to glare at him. Tsubasa realizes this and proposes that Natsume try the RPG; who has the intent to make Tsubasa his slave. Natsume's first opponent is a girl who can travel through mirrors and she quits, because she is afraid of Natusme's mechanical roach. The second opponent is Megane who loses when Natsume lights a fire near his real body to make him return to it and quit. Tsubasa is the next opponent and he messes with Natsume's movements using his alice and Natsume wins when he creates fire to make Tsubasa's shadows disappear. The last opponent is Mikan who is unfazed by Natsume's weapon. Natsume then starts to be getting ill and which makes Mikan leave the carpet to check on him. This turns out to be a trick and Natsume wins the RPG. He chooses Mikan's lamp, because Koko was mistaken that he wanted hers seeing Mikan in his mind.



New Characters

  • Unnamed Special Ability Student- Mirror Travel
  • Megane- Possession Alice

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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