Gakuen Alice Chapter 017 jp

Title- Nodacchi-sensei


Volume 04

Previous Chapter → 016 and Volume → 03

Next Chapter → 018


Mikan is very happy about her Single Star Rank and the benefits gained from it. After returning to class, she is eager to tell her clasmmates about saving Natsume, but some of Natsume's followers tell her not to show off and that being a Single Star is not the best. Mikan is unfazed by then, however, and when Natsume and Ruka arrive in class, she happily greets them. Natsume just ignores her but Ruka smiles and greets her. Everyone discusses what their going to do at the alice festival and part when their teacher arrive to work on their projects. She meets the Special Ability class teacher, Nodacchi, and is happy that her class has also has cool teacher. Instead of helping with their project, Mikan and Nodacchi train to improve her alice control. While on the subject of alice shapes, Mikan somehow thinks of Natsume when taking about the limitless shape, and has no idea about why she is thinking about him all of a sudden. For her training, Mikan has to nullify Nodacchi from time traveling and it works, but sadly she isn't able to stop him a second time.



  • Narumi and Misaki referenced by Higuchi is another N and M paring she did not notice.
  • Before the chapter lincho nervously asks Natsume about his short eyebrows.

New Characters

New Alices

  • Nodacchi- Time Travel Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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