Gakuen Alice Chapter 016 jp

Title- Open Your Eyes!


Volume 03

Previous Chapter → 015

Next Chapter → 017 and Volume → 04


In a flashback Natsume is told by the Masked Man that if he was ever captured, he must commit suicide. At the present, Mikan is running back to prevent Natsume from taking his own life. Sumire runs to find help but a unknown person captures Sumire (later learned to be a police officer). Reo says to Natsume that his sacrifice will help those girls. Thinking about his past, Natusme replies that the girls are probably far away and begins to conjure flames to blow everyone up. Another reason for him completing suicide could be his desire to end his misery in the academy, that he had been abused and lived in shame because of the academy. Before he can follow through his plan, Mikan jumps on him and stops the flames. She then yells at him for thinking about sacrificing himself for them. She puts some sense in him, asking him if he truly wants to die. Natsume collapses when Reo takes off his earring. Shocked, Natsume asks why Mikan came back. Mikan responds that she couldn't leave him and that he's her partner. she then gunpowder at Reo as he plans to recapture them. She grabs Natsume and tries to escape, only to fall down a flight stairs. The two then bicker about Mikan refusing to leave Natsume. Natsume orders Mikan to leave but she refuses because she would never leave him behind and tells him that everyone is waiting at the academy. Reo's followers find them becuase of their loud argument. One of them grabs Natsume. Mikan tries to get him back, but she is thrown against a wall, which hurts her head. Natsume is angry that Mikan is hurt and ignites the gunpowder out of anger. Just then, Mikan calls Natsume's name and Narumi arrives as an explosion erupts. Two days later, Mikan awakens in the hospital and learns that Reo escaped and Natsume is alright. Ruka thanks Sumire and Mikan for helping Natsume and Mikan becomes a Single Star for her bravery. Overjoyed, Mikan goes to see Natsume and finds him asleep, and she is relieved.



New Characters

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Cultural References

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Memorable Moments


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