Gakuen Alice Chapter 015 jp

Title- Know the Enemy


Volume 03

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Next Chapter → 016


The teachers are unable to add things up with Mikan and Sumire and Natsume's disappearance. That is until Hotaru and Ruka show them the recorder ring that proves Reo kidnapped Natsume. Natsume at last awakens and finds Mikan chewing on Sumire's tied hands. He notices a barrier surrounding them, which makes using their Alices useless. Natsume then asks Mikan about her Panda Earmuffs to communicate with Hotaru and the teachers, which she had forgotten about. Narumi informs the groupthat they are still trying to locate them and asks Natsume to burn the ropes if he is able to, which Natsume does, and pretend to be tied, and escape when there is an opening. Before they could hear the rest, Reo takes the Panda Earmuffs then starts a conservation with Narumi and after this orders Shidou to around the place and takes off a earring. His Voice Pheromone Alice weakens both Sumire and Natsume, but has no effect on Mikan. Reo grabs Natsume and uses his Voice Pheromone Alice on him, telling him that he has no choice but to join the Z Organization. Before Natsume can be completely brainwashed by Reo, Reo is stopped by Mikan, who asks why should Natsume agree to such a thing. Shido comments that Mikan appears uneffected by Reo's alice and Reo looks suprised. Reo figures out what Mikan's alice, and compares Mikan's face to "That Women". Amused by this, he asks for a background check on "That Women" from ten years ago. With little time alone, Natsume comes up with a plan to use the gunpowder Sumire found of using her alice and have the girls escape. When the girls protest, Natsume tells then that if they get captured and sold, he will feel guilty. Natsume distracts Reo and his men to give Mikan and sumire a chance to flee. By the time Reo realizes the girls are escaping, Natsume demands that Reo deal with him alone and challenges him. Mikan stops running because she is worried about Natsume. Mikan quickly realizes from Natsume's own words that he is planning to committ suicide in order to defeat Reo. She tells Sumire to go ahead and runs back to stop Natsume from what he plans to do.


  • The Organization mentioned in last Chapter is called Z.


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