Gakuen Alice Chapter 012 jp

Title- Central Town


Volume 03

Previous Chapter → 011

Next Chapter → 013


Mikan wants to go to Central Town, but Jinno doesn't allows her to go based on her No Star Rank. Narumi persuades Jinno to let her, on one condition that her partner, Natsume accompanies Mikan. She begs for Natsume to take her. Where is introduced to a three year old named Youichi who likes to imitate Natsume and is also part of the Dangerous Ability Class. Yo-chan (Mikan's nickname for him) then uses his Ghost Manipulation Alice against Mikan casuing Natsume to smile for a split second. Natsume then agrees to accompany Mikan to Central Town, but only if she is a slave. With her low allowance she is unable to spend much and finds Natsume staring at a barrette who is thinking of his sister, while Mikan thinks he may be a cross dresser. Her mind is read by Koko who is with Ruka and Youichi. Yo-chan is eating Howalon and won't give his last piece of Howalon to Mikan. She decides to earn the money instead of borrowing from lincho by doing a street act selling sticks. With the help of Hotaru and lincho the people on the street find the act enjoying and she gets money. Mikan then buys her box of Howalon and gives it to all her friends. She only eats one and asks Narumi to give the rest of the Howalon as a gift for her grandfather



  • The allowance of students based on star ranking is revealed.
    • Triple- 10,000 yen
    • Special- 30,000 yen
    • Single- 3,000 yen
    • No- 500 yen

New Characters

New Alices

  • Youichi Hijiri- Ghost Manipulation Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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