Gakuen Alice Chapter 010 jp

Title- Call Me Otou-san


Volume 02

Previous Chapter → 009

Next Chapter → 011 and Volume → 03


Mikan is upset that she hasn't received any letters from her grandfather, so she asks Yura who has the Divination Alice to check on her grandfather. Yura sees that Mikan's grandfather is at the front gate of the school and is being denied access. Worried Mikan wants to go to the front gate, but Hotaru and linchou convince her otherwise, since she would easily be caught and that everyone must endure it. Using Hotaru's spy bug, Mikan is able to see her grandfather and notices that he looks ill. Natsume hears everything then comments that Narumi didn't send her letters. Using another of Hotaru's inventions they test if Narumi sent Mikan's letters and it is soon found that Narumi burned her letters. Feeling betrayed Mikan confronts Narumi and all he says is sorry. Mikan is then punished and locked in her room. Ruka visits her with food from Hotaru and with much pleading from Mikan, he helps her escape by dressing as a girl to be Mikan's place. She makes it over the gate where she is found by strangers who wish to kidnap her. Narumi rescues her and protects Mikan from a explosion thrown from the kidnappers. Narumi is bandaged up by Misaki and Narumi has Mikan spend the night in his room. He then lets her call him Otou-san (father).



  • In Narumi's bedroom, there are investigation papers on Mikan.
  • At the end of the chapter, Hotaru is selling pictures of Ruka cross dressing to animals.

New Characters

New Alices

  • Divination Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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