Gakuen Alice Chapter 006 jp

Title - Being an Alice

Date -

Volume 02

Previous Chapter → 005 and Volume → 01

Next Chapter → 007


Mikan is having a dream of being congratulated by her classmates for passing the challenge before being awakened by Hotaru, who complained that Mikan was talking in her sleep. Mikan is staying in Hotaru's dorm room because she hasn't been assigned to a dorm yet. In a flashback, Narumi congratulates her and tells her that she can no longer see her family or friends, shocking her since she didn't properly explain to her grandfather of her leave. linchou tells her to write a letter, which cheers her up. But linchou, Hotaru, and Ruka know that the school never allows students to have contact outside the academy. Natsume wakes up and creates a large blast of flames out of anger, which destroys everything around him and injures Narumi, who doesn't mind the pain. Natsume threatens to kill Narumi for his dirty trick, but Narumi tells Natsume to leave before "That Guy" comes. Natsume with Ruka leave, but Natsume warns Mikan she will regret coming here. Mikan is again introduced to Class B. Most of the class is amazed that she made it through the challenge; some accept her while others are still reluctant to accept her. Natsume arrives late to class, badly injured and wearing his cat mask. Mikan is speechless when she sees his injuries. Sumire tries to ask Natsume something but he ignores her and everyone else. He tells Ruka to not worry when Ruka tries to question him. It is learned that the cat mask Natsume wears causing shocks to his body. Narumi then pairs up Mikan with Natsume as partners and Mikan is horrified and dismayed, but Natsume is indifferent. Mikan is asked about her Star Ranking by Sumire, which she doesn't know of. Iinchou explains that the Star Ranking is based on the student's performance in behavior, grades, and Alice. Sumire say she will not be accepted because she is a newcomer. Some students, who are actually followers of Natsume, pull pranks on Mikan in Jinno's class. She is blamed for the disruptions in class caused by students and Jinno gives her a No Star Ranking.



New Characters

Jinno - Unknown Alice

New Alices

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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