Gakuen Alice Chapter 005 jp

Title- Mikan VS Natsume


Volume 01

Previous Chapter → 004

Next Chapter → 006 and Volume → 02


At the classroom, Natsume asks for updates on Mikan and the others. Sumire and other students talk about how they believe Mikan will fail and that Mikan must have tricked the school into enrolling her. Frustrated, Natsume calls them stupid and says that it would be impossible to fool the school. He is further angered by remembering how he wasn't able to use his Alice on Mikan. With Ruka captured, Mikan casually asks Ruka to take care of Piyo. He refuses at first until they tell him that they don't wish to hurt it. Ruka orders them not to look when he is using his Alice, but they peek from a bush. That is when something unexpected happened Ruka and Piyo have a loving moment, which shocks the group that this is his true self. Hotaru takes advantage of the moment to take a picture which she uses against Ruka later on. Natsume then is told that Ruka was captured by the group and leaves to the Northern Woods. Ruka is upset that they saw the scene and leaves until he is stopped by Hotaru who has the picture of what happened. Mikan talks to Ruka about him pretending to act indifferent and insults Natsume. Ruka tells her that she does not understand about the Alice Natsume doesn't want and that Natsume has to suffer so much. Mikan is somewhat offended by his argument, but then Natsume appears. Visibly angry, Natsume tells Mikan that she failed and demands that she tell him her Alice now. He uses force to figure out what Mikan's Alice is (he grabbed her hair and pinned her against a tree). Hotaru saves Mikan, but Natsume surrounds Hotaru and linchou with flames. He threatens to seriously harm them if she doesn't show her Alice now, but Mikan insists that she doesn't know what it is. Natsume is about to use more flames until he is distracted by Ruka who tries to save a rabbit from being burned. Mikan uses this chance to stop Natsume and jumps on him. In response, Natsume unleashes a powerful amount of fire around them as Ruka and Narumi attempt to stop him from hurting Mikan. In moments, the flames disappear and the two are unharmed, much to their shock. Narumi uses uses his Pheromone Alice on Natsume cause him to pass out. Narumi tells Mikan she passed the test and tells her that her Alice is the Nullification Alice.



New Characters

New Alices

Mikan Sakura - Nullification Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments


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