A noisy class for the students of Alice Academy (ages 9-12), with the Homeroom adviser being Narumi. This class is the main focus and setting in the Academy in which Mikan Sakura and the gang belong.

The class is split between the kids who are friends with Mikan and Natsume; which Mikan's friends are usually the nice ones and Natsume's friends are the bossy and rebellious ones. However, they all later become close with one another so much so that they will defend each other, especially Mikan and Natsume, whom are considered the leaders of the class. While most in the class are considered troubled students, they are all actually good kids.


  • Mikan Sakura - Protagonist of the story.
  • Hotaru Imai - Best friend of Mikan.
  • Natsume Hyūga - Mikan's rival and eventual boyfriend.
  • ClassBStudents

    The students of Class B.

    Ruka Nogi - Best friend of Natsume and admirer of Mikan.
  • Sumire Shōda - Classmate of Mikan and Natsume and eventual girlfriend of Kokoro Yome.
  • Yū Tobita - Close friend of Mikan and the Class Representative.
  • Anna Umenomiya - Close friend of Mikan.
  • Nonoko Ogasawara - Close friend of Mikan.
  • Kokoroyomi - Mutual friend of Mikan and Natsume and eventual boyfriend of Sumire Shoda.
  • Kitsuneme - Mutual friend of Mikan and Natsume.
  • Mochiage - Friend of Natsume.
  • Other unnamed characters.

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