The Curse Alice (呪いのアリス Noroi no Arisu) is allows the holder to emit a dark, generally black, colored smoke or fog from their body. The holder is able to inflict an extreme amount of pain to any person who is captured within the smoke.

Additionally, the holder is able to leave signs on their victims, which is generally for punishment. This sign is called the restraint signet or a penalty mark. The holder can inflict pain on any person who bares this mark at any given time, and it appears that the mark can also inhibit the victim's Alice strength. According to Tsubasa Andō, only the person who placed the mark is able to remove it.

It is currently unknown what ability type the Curse Alice would be labeled under if it was not in the Dangerous Ability class.

Alice Holders

Rui Amane

Rui Amane is currently the only known holder of this Alice. He often uses it under the orders of Persona and ESP to inflict punishment on students who do not follow though school rules as shown with Tsubasa Andō.

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