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The Christmas Ball is one of the three main events at Gakuen Alice, other than the Alice Festival and Sports Festival.


The Christmas Ball prepartions are done on December 23th the day before the Christmas Ball.[1] The student body including teachers are divided into two teams, the "Decorating Team and the "Cake Team".[1] It is a choice on what team one wants to be on, but if one team gets too many volunteers, a drawing is done. The preparations are all done in the building of the ball itself. Each team's jobs are:

Cake Team

Last years members: Mikan Sakura,  Hotaru Imai, Tsubasa Ando, Misaki Harada, Nobara Ibaragi, Misaki-sensei, Natsume Hyūga, Anna Umenomiya

  • Make a giant cake for the Christmas Ball.
  • Other various desserts such as a solid chocolate cake.

Decorating Team

Last year's members: Sumire Shōda, Kitsuneme, Piyo (on both teams), Ruka Nogi (note that Ruka was originally on the Cake Team)

  • Decorate ballroom.
  • Decorate giant tree.

The Day of the Ball

The ball officially starts on December 24th or Christmas Eve. Students are dressed in Christmas outfits to celebrate the occasion (see Christmas Outfits). The schedule of the day as followed is Free Time, the Gift Exchange, a Pie Competition, Caroling Teams, and the Masquerade Ball.

Christmas Outfits

Students are given Christmas outfits to wear to the ball. The girls outfits have two types for each division and boys only one type for each division. Although, the Elementary section boys have two types of Christmas outfits for some reason.[2]




A masquerade dance where a legend is if you dance the last dance together then they become soulmates.


  • Mikan and Natsume share their first kiss during Mikan’s first Christmas Ball.
    • During her second Christmas Ball, Mikan was forbidden to participate but was able to see Natsume, and the two exchanged vows of eternal love.


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