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Gakuen Alice Anime
Takahiro Omori
Character Design:
Yoshiaki Ito
Sound Director:
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Makoto Yoshimori
Original Broadcast:
30 October 2004 to 14 May 2005

Gakuen Alice Anime Logo
In 2004, Gakuen Alice the manga series was produced as an anime series. The opening theme, Shining Sun is performed by Mikan Sakura's seiyū, Kana Ueda. The ending theme, Rainbow of Happiness is performed by Kana Ueda and Hotaru Imai's seiyū, Rie Kugimiya.
CD cover

Cover of the Gakuen Alice CD album. Shown from left to right Hotaru Imai and Mikan Sakura.


No. Episode Summary Date
1 The School's Going to be Shut Down
2 Welcome to Alice Academy
3 No Alice is Going to Defeat Me
4 This is My Alice
5 The Star Ranking System Can be Severe
6 'm a Good-For-Nothing Type?
7 Not Gonna Lose! Alice Dodgeball!
8 I Want to See Grandpa!
9 My Dear Master Hotaru
10 So Exciting, Central Town
11 Alice Training, Currently In Session
12 The School Festival Is Coming!
13 Chase the Top Star
14 Get Natsume Back!
15 Let's Go Back to the Academy
16 Match in the Maze! The Magic Lamp!
17 Hotaru's Secret
18 Alone in the Dark Together
19 Raise the Curtain, Snow White in the Sleeping Forest
20 Last Dance With Whom?
21 Strive for the Honor Student Award
22 The Bear and the Prince!
23 The Circus Has Arrived!
24 Mr. Narumi's a Liar
25 Take Back the Academy!
26 Friendship is Endless

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