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A school in Tokyo, Japan for children born with Alices. When they find one, they would try to bring the child to this school. Students of Alice Academy may not leave until graduation or if they no longer have their Alice. They may write letters, but letters leaving and coming to Alice Academy are screened upon receiving and prior to sending. The school also gives money to the parents of the students who attend the school.

There are currently a total of approximately 200 students at the school.


Alice Academy consists of six main parts: Headquarters, the Hospital, the Elementary branch, the Junior High branch, the Senior High branch, and Central Town. Also, there are a lot of forests around the buildings, with names like 'Northern Woods' etc. The Northern Woods is a place feared by many children. To pass her entrance exam, Mikan is given the task to cross them to the Senior High division by Natsume. Mr. Bear's hut is also located there.

The gate of Gakuen Alice.

Elementary branch

This is the part of the academy where children from 3 to 12 study. Class A (for kids from 3 to 9) and Class B (where Mikan, Hotaru and their classmates) are in this branch.

Junior High branch

This is the school for students whose age typically range from 13 to 15. Tsubasa, Nobara, Misaki, Kaname are some of the students who belong to this class. It is also the gossip nest of the academy.

Note: Hayate is a noticeable exception to the age, and is a year older than everyone in his grade level.

Senior High branch

The school for the second oldest students with their age range being from 16 to 18. No one else except the high schoolers are permitted to go there. No one exactly knows what happens there. There's a rumor that a Warphole exists within the building. The rumor was proven to be true. Tono, Subaru, Shuichi, and Goshima study there.




People who work at the Alice school, Alice Academy. All of these people are Alices and once went to the school during their youth.



The teachers are able to remove Alice restraining devices that are put upon students.

Many like, Misaki do not agree with the ideals of the ESP (elementary school principal), but do not oppose him.



Alice Academy's school courses are not much different from any other school, there are regular courses such as Math and History though the lessons in each course are more advanced than the ones in normal schools. However, the big difference is that the students and teachers have Alices. The students can not use their their Alice ability during class without permission. There are also Alice based classes for students to attend to learn how to use their Alices. Students are ranked in a Star Rank system by good behavior and grades. The higher a student's Star Rank, the more benefits a student receives.

Unlike other schools in Japan, Alice Academy runs on a semester system rather than a trimester system and appears to be a year round school. Each term lasts for about 4-5 months with the first semester being from April to October and second term being November to March. The final exams for each semester occur during late October for the first term and in March for the second term; the exams are over the course of three days for each term. Another difference is that the school lasts for an extra three years as students do not graduate from the academy until they are 21. During the three years after high school, the students go through Specialist Training to learn and train in their field of choice for their future career.

During the school year, there are four break or vacation times at Alice Academy like other schools in Japan. However, only the winter break for New Years has been confirmed. These breaks occur during the first week of May for Golden Week, from mid-July to early September for summer vacation in the first term, and in the second term from December 28th to the second week of January for winter break, and a week off in late March for spring break before the new school year.


The school is separated from the outside world with a tall gate that surrounds the whole area. The gate is dangerous to cross over, because those who do are electrocuted. Once someone passes the gate, the teachers are notified and take action to return the student to the school. Other than the gate, the school is protected by the Middle School Principal, Hii-sama's powerful Barrier Alice.

The school's specially-designed I.D. Medal.

Also, the students carry I.D. medals that fit in a wallet along with their respective I.D. cards. The I.D. medal has the student's I.D number and a transmitting device in it that was created by someone with an Alchemy Alice.

Throughout Alice Academy's history, Yuka Azumi is the only one who was able to escape the academy.

Currently, to enforce behavior, the Fuukitai has been created, because of students who cause trouble, like Mikan Sakura. These people wear black masks over their eyes and are also Alices as some can teleport. They punish and take care of anyone who disobey the school rules. The new Student Council President, Hijiri Goshima, has been seen using his Metamorphosis Alice to impersonate the Fuukitai under the HSP's orders. But later in the story, it's is revealed that he is actually a double agent working under the ESP.

Seven Wonders

There are supposedly Seven Wonders or Legends in Alice Academy. Currently, only six of the seven are known.

  1. Alice Festival After Party-Last Dance
  2. Christmas Ball-Masquerade
    • If your mask slips while dancing, it is believed that the person will lose what means the most to them.
  3. Christmas Ball-Cake
    • Students say that depending on the taste of the slice of Christmas cake they eat, will determine how good or bad the following year will be. The more delicious the cake slice is, the greater the fortune the person will have. The more disgusting the cake slice is, the more bad luck the person will have.
  4. High School/Senior Division Warp hole
    • Of the Seven Wonders, the Warp hole is the only confirmed one. The Warp hole is a keyhole in a deserted corridor of the Senior High Division. It can only be opened by the keyhole's key, and will only be opened for 30 seconds. The Warp hole is one of the only ways to sneak out of Alice Academy without being noticed/caught. It can also bypass barriers.
  5. Alice Stone Exchange-Soul Mates
    • People say that couples who exchange their Alice Stones will become soul mates. This exchange is almost always used as a marriage proposal.
  6. The Fourth Stall of a Junior/Middle division's bathroom, a hand comes out of the toilet and gooses you.
  7. Monster of the Hanahime Den
    • It is believed that a monster lives in the dungeons of the Hanahime Den. Alternatively, most believe that Headmistress Himemiya has locked up and hidden away her favorite female student/Hanahime member.
    • In reality the monster was actually Rei Serio who had been confined in the dungeon for his uncontrollable Alice. Later Aoi Hyūga would be trapped in the same room.


Not is much known about the creation of the school and its history. What is known is that the three principals: Principal Kuonji (until his death, and is replaced by Jinno as the new ESP), Himemiya (until currently where her distant relative, Masachika Shiki, is the new MSP), and Kazumi Yukihira, have been the elementary, middle, and high school principals for as long as anyone has remembered.

For a long time, the HSP and ESP have had a intense disagreements and hatred towards each other. This is because of the ESP's suspicious actions involving "missions" assigned to the DA class and his scattered clones that hold important positions in the outside world, like within the government, which provides support and protection to the academy. But, this rivalry goes back to events that were caused by the ESP, especially his dear brother's death and Kaoru Igarashi's as well. The MSP has put herself in a neutral postion, not wanting to deal with their issues. However, she has presently took action on the matter by helping Mikan Sakura and Natsume Hyūga escape from the ESP, who considers the two as his favorite students, or more accurately, "pawns" who can help him gain more control from the government with their Alices. The MSP's reasons are that she doesn't want anyone to suffer anymore; looking back on Kaoru's death, and the unproven belief that her death was intentional, on the ESP's part, because she was a critic of the academy.

The school is intended to be a place of protection for young Alice users and where they learn how to use their Alice powers. The high security precautions are due to Alice users being kidnapped for their abilities; having them regarded as "national treasures"[1] (an example would be Ruka Nogi's various kidnappings). The ESP, during some point in time, decided to use the Alices of students for his own benefit, and ordered them to do missions for the government. This would later result in the creation of the Dangerous Ability class. The ESP's manipulation escalated into crimes that included blackmail, abuse, and even murder, which put the teachers and students in a difficult position. However, when Mikan decided to let the ESP take custody of her in order to protect the students and teachers, the DA class was placed under the control of the Junior High Division and no longer did missions. The school was then safe from the ESP until the day of his death at the hands of Luna Koizumi. After the ESP's death, the academy gradually becomes a much safer place, with the students being allowed to more freedom in the outside world, even though the academy continues to have strict policies of protection for the students.


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